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We are your reliable partner. You need to move people and we have the reliable products and expertise to help you through every stage and detail. We are committed to providing a premium products built in the USA, delivered on time and at affordable prices.

thyssenkrupp Elevator, enduraMRL

endura MRL

The no nonsense functionality of hydraulics and a truly machine room-less design - perfect for low-rise buildings.

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Cost–effective, capable hydraulics get the job done whether you are moving a few or even thousands of people each day

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Traction elevators provide optimal ride quality, faster speeds and expend less time and energy to move people in your building.

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When height and speed are essential, our high-rise elevators can adapt to your vision as quickly as we can move people.

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No matter the size, capacity or finish we can handle any heavy-duty configuration you have.

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Two elevator cabs travel independently – one above the other in the same shaft. TWIN saves space, reduces passenger travel time and saves energy.

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